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“Dataforma is a robust CRM software that has helped G. Fedale leverage data to improve customer communication and data analysis. Service request response is very good. We are happy with the transition support and our decision to switch to Dataforma.”

Allen Fedale
Vice President

“Our company has enjoyed generations of success in south Texas, but we knew there had to be a better way to accomplish the tasks our office performs every day. This is what led us to Dataforma, helping our company track bids, photos, proposals and all of our company’s information…my father is now even using his computer!”

Franzoso Contracting, Inc.

“2 years ago we chose Dataforma for our database and CRM needs after using another well-known CRM that offered fewer options and capabilities. It is a database that we can grow into. It allows us to track sales, revenue, financials and gives us the ability to generate reports easily, or customize reports for our specific needs. The program and employees of Dataforma have made our processing and paper-flow more efficient, saving us money and giving us better information that everyone can access.”

Mark Sackerson
Sales Manager
Best Contracting Services, Inc.

“Dataforma has proved to be an invaluable tool in managing our service department. Having history of the building at your fingertips when a leak call is placed immediately assists in seeing outstanding proposals, warranty information, building details, and the history of service effortlessly. Correspondence is also an irreplaceable tool. Whether you are recording an email, a collection note, status note or sending a correspondence on multiple work orders, it is one screen and the correspondence is fully integrated in the system. We look forward to utilizing the mobile App in the near future and are very excited about another powerful tool offered by Dataforma.”

Marina Esquivel
Service Manager
Southern Coast Enterprises, Inc.

“Dataforma is a fantastic program! It’s easy to learn and even easier to use. The training sessions were great. Everyone at Dataforma is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I like the fact that they are constantly adding new features that make it easy to be in the field and use this program. Dataforma has definitely been a good investment.”

Maggie Barrett
Building Power, LLC

“The system is easy to use, but extremely comprehensive. We were up and running within two days, including training. The Dataforma team has helped us see how what existing processes work best for our business, and has helped us customize as it makes sense. The regular webinars allow us to stay up to date with all the new developments. They have been on hand to train our new personnel. My customers use the Client portal to access their portfolio information, and I am able to keep proposed work in front of my staff and clients for consideration at all times. Dataforma is constantly upgrading the system, and I am looking forward to the addition of the financial package. I plan to take full advantage of it.”

Maryella Pegnato
Co-Founder and President
L&M Company

“We just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Dataforma for providing us with an indispensable, organized, all in one, user friendly program. We all love the “One Stop Shop.” P.S. We love you all at DATAFORMA”

Michele Nieto-Nilson
Account Manager
Houck Services, Inc.

“In 2003, I was one of the first to see the original version of Dataforma. It was the most powerful and intuitive CRM relational database I had ever seen. In 2004, they added more value to the system by streamlining the Work Order process. Now with the Customer Portal our customers can see the progress of their work orders in real time. These continual system improvements are evidence that a computing utility service is superior to conventional software. Because this is a web-based service, we can access our information from anywhere… at anytime. Dataforma is the future of computing services for the construction industry. I don’t know what system improvements they will be rolling out in the future but I am sure the development will be the result of customer feedback. Isn’t that the way all products should be developed. “

Gary Houck
Cotterman & Company, Inc.

“We have been with Dataforma for 7 years now. During this time our company has experienced dramatic growth with additions of satellite offices. Their system has been instrumental to improving our organization. The centralized database has been a great communication tool throughout the entire company. The mobile app was easily implemented by our field employees and has eliminated the majority of paperwork problems.”

Mike Cotterman